"Providing a Community of Opportunity"
Ventura Community Schools 

   PO Box 18, 110 S. Main Street, Ventura, IA  50482

District Office:
Phone: 641-829-4482
Fax:     641-829-3906
Phone:  641-829-4482
Fax:      641-829-3906
Ventura /Garner-Hayfield Junior High:
Phone:  641-829-4484
Fax:     641-829-3995

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Parent Resources

Family Fun

Great ideas,  practical advice, fun stuff to do, Disney site


Parenting Center

Provides parents with comprehensive & responsible guidance


Family Education

Parenting advice, child development and family reference

Common Sense

Strategies for raising alcohol-and drug-free children

Discipline Help

A discipline model for handling over 100 different misbehaviors

Zero To Three

The nation's leading resource on the first years of life


Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul's health and wellness site

National Geographic

Dive in for an online adventure for the family

Kid's Turn Central

Crafts, clip art, games, holidays and hot topics

Free Kid's Music

A LEGAL free site to get music for kids

The Baby Center

Your complete resource for pregnancy & baby information


Building Self Esteem

A great site with ideas on how to build self esteem

Infants & Toddlers

Do you wish an instruction manual came with your baby?  Click here



Eight principals to guide ADHD children


It's all about children, your local family resource

Raising Great Kids

Thoughts & ideas for good parents who want to be great parents

Cyber Parent

The most informative site on the web for parents of kids of all ages

Idea Box

All kinds of ideas about games, seasonal activities, crafts etc...


Home Crafts

Get or share ideas for decorating your child's room etc...


Toys & Games

Your child wants the hot new toy of the year, but is it a good choice


Books & Reading

Look here for book reviews, reading activities, & ideas from parents


Natural Child Project

"All children behave as well as they are treated" is their slogan


Learn about resources and ideas to help gifted kids flourish in school & life



This site includes nutrition, financial tips, health, education, safety etc...

Parent Guide To Web

Computers are exciting and puzzling, let this site help you learn about the web

Surfing The Net

This is a great place to surf the net with children in a safe manner

Yahooligans Parents

Another great site to surf with your kids in a safe manner

Parent Committees

You'd like to become more involved in your child's school, start here


Skill Building

Help your child succeed in reading, math, music and more


Learn about the best digital cameras, online safety - get the scoop


Read how other parents deal with some of the tough teen issues

School Tips

Topics range from choosing a tutor to dealing with bullies

College Planning

Discover tips from parents on finding the right college for your child

Family Life

From traditional back yard games to yard sale tips, this is the stop for family fun

Family Travel

How do you keep your kids occupied on long trips?  Check here


Explore this collection of parent tested web sites, TV shows and software

Parenting Challenges

Get tips and advice on the toughest situations that a parent encounters


Find behavior modification techniques that have worked for other parents